New Year Resolution: Staying Organized, the paper date book

Image of a datebook, pen, passport, and laptop

Stay Organized this year with a planner or datebook.

Are you looking to stay organized this year? Have you forgotten to attend functions, meetings, or events in the past because you have not had an organized way to manage your time? Many of us struggle to find a comfortable and easy-to-remember method for keeping appointments. While there are many technoraties out there that will swear by their “ICal”, Outlook, or Google Calendar to organize their time, many people just do not find those methods natural or have had a bad experience in the past (computer crashing or virus anyone?). Continue reading

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The Top-Bound Notebook… Ideal for Lefties and Righties Alike (Part 1)

The Problem 

Image of the 'No' sign over side bound notebooks

Sometimes Side-bound Notebooks Don't Cut It

You want to get into writing on fine stationary stationery, but you find yourself encumbered by the rigidity of a traditional side-bound notebook.
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Thinking of moving or traveling soon, or know some one else who is?

Consider a Moleskine City Notebook

Moleskine CIty Book

Comes with built in Transit and Location Maps

Moleskine City notebooks are the perfect solution for the Do-It-Yourself traveler, as well as the recently relocated. Complete with transit maps, essential phone numbers, itinerary pages, measurement and speed conversion charts, up-close neighborhood maps, and the the essential Moleskine Pocket, you will be able to take control of your new surroundings and roam fearlessly! Being a notebook, there is plenty of space to record favorite museums, restaurants, bars,  or whatever else piques your interest about your new location. Think of the line of Moleskine City Notebooks as your home-made travel guide. Live in one of the available cities? Buy this book and make it your personalized travel book to lend to friends and family who come to visit and explore your surroundings.

The Moleskine City Notebook is available for the following cities:

Moleskine City Book Thumbnail

Moleskine City Book - Your Do-It-Yourself Travel Guide

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Quo Vadis Covers – How will you dress your date book?

As with every December here at ALKO, our Quo Vadis date books and planners have been flying off the shelf! Just as there are many sizes and formats to choose from for your Quo Vadis planner, there are many cover and binding options available to compliment your  date book or planner format of choice. Cover choices for Quo Vadis date books and planners can be divided into two categories: use-once bindings and removable refillable covers.

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Introducing the new ALKO office supply blog!

ALKO office supply store front

Our store front

Welcome to the new ALKO office supply blog! My name is Greg Elenbaas and I work on outside sales and marketing here at ALKO. We’re a locally owned office supply provider in downtown Berkeley. While we work and live in the bay area, we ship our products world wide! We carry the finest notebooks, pens, and paper. Our mission is service and we take pride in what we do.

To the right is our store. We’re on Shattuck Avenue in the heart of downtown and we have been in this same location for over one hundred years. Soon I will be inserting an about page that says more of our long and interesting history.

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